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Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall cases are the most common “premises liability” case. These cases are caused by a property owner failing to maintain or upkeep the premises causing injury to another person.

Serious slip and fall accidents account for the largest percentage, 21%, of all emergency room visits annually. Among age demographics, our parents and grandparents are the most likely to sustain serious falls. The CDC reports nearly one out of three, ages 65 and older, experience a fall each year.

At TopDog Law, our slip and fall lawyers represent people who have suffered a fall on both private or commercial property.

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    We regularly receive calls from clients who have fallen at one of the following places:

    • Supermarkets and Stores
    • Sidewalks
    • Fitness Centers
    • Apartment Buildings
    • Bars and Restaurants
    • Coffee Shops
    • Casinos
    • Movie Theaters
    • Parking Garages & Parking Lots
    • Shopping Malls
    • Schools
    • Hotels
    • Office Buildings
    • Buildings Owned by the City

    What are Common Causes for Slip and Fall Accidents? What Type of Accidents do the Slip and Fall Attorneys at TopDog Law Handle?

    Slip and fall accidents occur when a property owner fails to make their property safe. Dangerous or hazardous conditions usually result from improper maintenance. Some common causes for slip and fall accidents are:

    • Slippery Surfaces
    • Spilled drinks or food
    • Water leaks
    • Cracked or Uneven Pavement
    • Defective Steps or Stairs
    • Construction Defects
    • Poor lighting
    • Defective flooring or tile
    • Objects left in walkways or pathways
    • Unsafe railings or ramps

    What are Some Common Injuries from Slip and Fall Cases?

    Given that there are over 8 million hospital visits from slip and falls, there are a wide array of corresponding injuries. Some of the more frequent injuries include:

    • Broken bones (wrists, arms, elbows, hips, ankles, etc)
    • Permanent Back & Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injuries
    • Wrongful Death

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire the Premises Liability Lawyers at TopDog Law?

    The short answer is nothing. Our slip and fall lawyers work on a contingency basis meaning they do not get paid unless you get paid. We also cover all the up-front costs for expenses like experts who we will use to testify on your behalf. Therefore, we have every incentive to ensure that we win and get you the most compensation possible for your injury. Call 1-844-456-9275 and tell us your story today.

    Slip and Fall Lawyers Near Me

    TopDog Law services all 67 counties in Pennsylvania and has easy-to-access offices across the Philadelphia region. We also pride ourselves in being a text message away. Our lawyers routinely travel to meet clients in their home or close to their home. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are unable to travel to one of our locations.
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